A new chapter

A new chapter begins.3.1.18.png

My dad is a storyteller. Growing up, we would often have dinner parties where I can remember our guests gathering around the dining room table and leaning in to hear what outrageous tale he had to share. Even as a kid I was captivated by his experiences. Sometimes they were humorous. Others were heartbreaking. But every single one revealed his character and how he would respond to various situations that life brought his way. It was through these stories that I came to respect him more and more, both as my father and as a human being.

And then I grew up and began to write a story of my own.

The past year has been both the most fulfilling and most challenging of my life. It has been filled with new experiences and moments of indescribable joy. But there have been many times when I thought my story was over. Disheartened and discouraged, I felt like giving up on my dreams and everything that I once lived for. Hurt has a way of doing that to you, especially when it is inflicted by the people who you perceive to be your closest friends.

But I have realized a couple things along this journey…

One: other people don’t have the power to write your story. Or end it, for that matter. That is a decision that only you and I can make. Two: stories have chapters. And a page has turned in mine. My story isn’t over, but a new chapter is beginning.

I have found writing to be cathartic throughout this entire process, and so here is where I will share my story with you. And I hope it gives you the courage to share yours too.

In case you’re wondering, I will still be performing as a storyteller and illusionist. In fact, I’m working on several new projects that I can’t wait to share with you. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

So stayed tuned. The story has only just begun…

Caleb Johnson